ETH Giveaway! BitPR 1000 Twitter Followers Celebration!

¥25,000 worth of Ethereum ($ETH) tokens are up for grabs!

BitPR is the first Japanese & English web media delivering crypto insights and analysis. Blockchain is accelerating decentralized finance and financial inclusion and our mission is to inform investors and blockchain enthusiasts of meaningful projects whose development and adoption can deliver real solutions. We also show how blockchain technology will benefit businesses and society at large.

All you have to do (apart from meeting our eligibility requirements below) is to provide your opinions on cryptocurrency exchanges and complete a few fun tasks. You will be entered to the lucky draw to win the Grand Prize of ¥5,000 worth of Ethereum!

Your participation will make a difference. BitPR will use your responses to publish articles relevant to you and other readers. By participating in our campaign, you are contributing to the crypto and blockchain community.

Giveaway Deadline: January 31st, 2019
Sign-Up Link:

Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate (and hopefully win), you need to:

  1. Not be a citizen or resident of the United States of America or China
  2. Complete the campaign by the deadline
  3. Answer all of the questions we ask below
  4. Complete all of the tasks below that our trusty Bot asks for
  5. Provide all the required information asked by our Bot

Tokens to be distributed

We will distribute Ethereum ($ETH) tokens to 21 lucky participants!

The breakdown of prizes are as follows:

  • ¥5,000 worth of ETH to 1 participant
  • ¥1,000 worth of ETH to 20 participants

Required Information and Tasks

You’ll need to provide our Bot with the following info:

  1. Your ETH address
  2. Your Twitter handle name
  3. Your Telegram username
  4. A declaration that you are not a citizen, resident, or currently living in the United States of America or China
  5. Your email address (optional) if you’d like to be notified of future campaigns and cool stuff

You’ll also need to complete the following tasks

  1. Follow BitPR on Twitter @BitPRJapan and on Telegram @bitprjapan until the token distribution date. Of course, we would be thrilled if you continued to follow us.
  2. Like and re-tweet BitPR’s official tweet about the campaign
  3. Answer the questions below.

Questions that you need to answer

  1. In which country do you currently reside?
  2. Name one cryptocurrency exchange that you use.
  3. Do you trade on margin using the cryptocurrency exchange mentioned in Question 2?

The Fine Print

BitPR and this Campaign are not sponsored by any of the companies that issue these tokens, or by significant holders of these tokens. Duplicate applications using the same or different accounts will result in disqualification and blacklisting. Winners are determined solely by BitPR and all decisions made by BitPR are final. BitPR is under no obligation to reveal its decision making processes for determining campaign winners. BitPR reserves the right to disqualify and blacklist participants that are deemed to have misrepresented themselves or violated any of the eligibility requirements.

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