About Us |BitPR

BitPR is the world’s first Japanese & English language cryptocurrency & blockchain PR newswire and media outlet. We specialize in analyzing crypto and blockchain projects in an easy-to-understand manner for our audience in Japan and internationally.

Our Japanese site is located at www.bit-pr.com.

Our Offer

1. Accurate and informative articles for our readers

Our writing team is fluent in multiple languages and knowledgeable about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Our articles accurately package complex ideas in an easy-to-digest format and cover crypto exchanges, blockchain startups, ICOs, market leaders’ opinions and industry conferences. Our writing is supported by our in-depth independent research and our ability to interview key industry players.

2. Quick market updates

We leverage our international network to identify important market news which we then communicate to our readers. Our focus is on speed, accuracy and relevance.

3. Project analysis reports

Our specialist crypto team creates project analysis reports to provide our readers a deep dive into a given company or project. Our reports are subjective but provide key insights into the project and even help readers understand what to look for when analyzing projects.

4. Social Media presence

We fully leverage social media to ensure that current and potential readers are notified of our articles, information and updates. We use Twitter, LINE, Telegram and YouTube to keep our readers engaged.

Our Team

Our team is located globally and are highly experienced in the industry. Our team members and advisors include ICO advisors, exchange operators, blockchain developers, financial specialists, social media influencers, professional writers, etc. We are multilingual and our team members are native speakers of Japanese and/or English, among other languages.

Our Vision

We envision a world where blockchain and technology will usher in a new era. We strive to ensure that information and knowledge flows freely, always reaching those who seek it, so that the people can be involved in the coming change.

Our Values

Trust: The reason for our existence
Accuracy: We place the right information in our readers hands
Commitment: We publish only the highest quality information
Diversity: We work with a global team and audience
Integrity: We believe in people and universal morals