Trade Crypro like a Pro with Tradelize

Tradelize’s new & innovative trading platform allows beginners to copy professional traders’ strategies with just one click.

Crypto is Hard!

Let’s face it – trading cryptocurrencies is hard. You need to learn about them, for starters. You have to process the barrage of news that changes every hour. You have to be very good at technical analysis to even have a hope of predicting trends in a chaotic market. You are constantly stressed that your decisions could lose you a lot of money.

And guess what? You may very well lose money. A lot of it. And quickly. Even major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can lose half of their value in less than three months (this actually happened in early 2018). Losing like this is no fun at all, especially when other people find out about it.

That is why many people never even try crypto trading or investing – it is difficult and there is a risk of large losses. Right now, it is just too hard for beginners to make money trading cryptocurrencies.

Tradelize is an innovative new company that wants to change this. Their blockchain-powered trading platform can give everyone the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies using strategies that professional traders use. Tradelize is creating a blockchain ecosystem that brings together professional crypto traders and average people who want to trade cryptocurrencies but lack the expertise. On Tradelize’s platform, anyone can copy the trading strategies of professional traders and enjoy the same profit.

In the company’s own words on their website, with Tradelize you won’t need to think how to invest. Only how much.

How does Tradelize work?

The platform is powered by the Tradelize (TDZ) utility token. All users (ProTraders, investors, newcomers) need to hold the token to access the platform and pay for services. The TDZ token is an ERC20 utility token, which means that it should be easy to acquire and trade.

At its simplest, Tradelize works like this:

Step 1: ProTraders make trades

ProTraders make trades using the Tradelize.Terminal (an interface for professional traders). The Tradelize.Terminal allows ProTraders to trade on multiple major global exchanges at the same time, which is very attractive to ProTraders. This should ensure that there are a lot of high caliber ProTraders always using Tradelize.

Step 2: Trades are recorded on the blockchain

All trade strategies and statistics are recorded on the blockchain and all trades are assigned a score based on their success. Traders with more winning trades will have a higher Tradelize.Score.

Step 3: Investors and newcomers copy ProTraders’ trades

Investors and newcomers use the simple Tradelize.Web interface and the information stored on the blockchain to choose which ProTraders to copy. They will enjoy the same results as the professional trader would.

Step 4: Payments made

ProTraders whose trades are copied get paid a of the profits realized by others on these copied trades. Profit commissions are paid in the cryptocurrencies that were part of the original trade. All trade fees and services on the platform are payable in TDZ.

Since the token is widely used on the platform and will have a capped supply, the TDZ token itself is also an interesting aspect of Tradelize.

How do I start?

Whether you are an inexperienced crypto investor or a newcomer who has never bought cryptocurrencies before, all you have to do is:

  1. Register at or download the Tradelize App
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Choose a ProTrader to follow based on their Tradelize.Score (traders with more winning trades have higher Tradelize.Scores)
  4. Set up your risk management profile to determine which type of ProTrader strategies are suitable for you
  5. Copy ProTraders’ trades and enjoy the same level of profits as they do

Ready to start trading like a professional? Head over to to find out more about the products, token and roadmap. Keep an eye out for their planned launch before the end of 2018.

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Disclaimer: Investment in Initial Coin Offerings, cryptocurrencies, and digital tokens is highly risky and speculative. The material presented here is for information purposes only. This information presented here is not intended to provide any sort of investment advice, nor does it recommend any company, Initial Coin Offering, or digital token and should not be taken as the basis for any investment decision or strategy.


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