Tradelize (TDZ) – Token Spotlight

Tradelize aims to launch a unique trading platform where everyone can trade cryptocurrencies like the pros.

About Tradelize

Tradelize is creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem that can appeal to both professional crypto traders, investors, and newcomers. The ecosystem will be powered by the Tradelize (TDZ) utility token.

Cryptocurrency trading is a new and volatile industry. Newcomers and investors face a steep learning curve and must process multiple sources of complex information. It is not easy for them to make informed trading decisions quickly. While professional traders have overcome these issues, they currently have to trade on multiple exchanges independently which is time-consuming and may involve extra trading fees. This also forces them to allocate their funds across exchanges. Furthermore, professional traders are currently unable to profit from their trading knowledge, but only their trading results.

Tradelize wants to solve these problems by connecting newcomers, investors and professional traders (ProTraders) in the same trading ecosystem.

The Tradelize platform will consist of three components:

  1. Tradelize.terminal: serves professional traders by giving them real-time trading data and trading capability across multiple global exchanges. All trading happens on Tradelize.terminal.
  2. Tradelize.web: allows newcomers and investors to make informed trades by copying the successful trading strategies of ProTraders.
  3. Tradelize.score: integrated into Tradelize.web, will identify the top-performing professional traders. Newcomers and investors can choose which ProTraders to copy based on their Tradelize.score. Tradelize will also allocate company funds to ProTraders with high Tradelize.score, allowing them to establish successful trading strategies that others can then follow.

Benefits for professional traders

ProTraders can use the Tradelize.terminal to trade across major global cryptocurrency exchanges from a single screen without having to open separate accounts with these exchanges. This Direct Market Access (DMA) solution should allow traders to make faster trading decisions by comparing trading volumes, price quotes and liquidity across exchanges. It could also result in lower trade fees. Tradelize also plans to introduce additional functionality such as margin trading and historical data (to be used for back-testing and creating trading strategies).

ProTraders’ trading strategies will be recorded on the blockchain for other Tradelize users to follow. Recorded strategies of past trades also determine a ProTrader’s Tradelize.score. ProTraders receive a percentage of the profits earned by others who copy their trades. This will give them an additional source of profit in addition to their own trading profits.

Finally, Tradelize will allocate 80% of funds raised from token sales to the ecosystem’s 300 best traders. Each trader will be allocated between USD 40K – 500K based on their Tradelize.score. These traders will manage these funds to create successful trade strategies for other users to follow.

Benefits for newcomers and investors

Newcomers and investors can use the Tradelize.web portal to easily follow and copy the professional traders of their choice. Users can choose ProTraders based on their Tradelize.score and have the option to allow Tradelize’s automated trading systems to repeat ProTraders’ deals based on user-defined preferences. Users will need TDZ tokens to copy ProTraders’ strategies and purchase additional services on the platform.

The Tradelize.web Account Management feature includes portfolio management tools allowing users to manage trade strategies and risks, as well as reports based on users’ own trade and investment statistics.

Tradelize will also release a mobile app. The app will feature many Tradelize.web functions such as account management and browsing/copying ProTraders.

Project status and next steps.

Tradelize is currently in the pre-sale phase which is scheduled to end on 14 July 2018. The ICO is scheduled to begin on 15 July 2018.

To date, 12 major crypto exchanges have connected with the Tradelize platform (with more exchanges to follow soon). Tradelize will announce the full list of exchanges around the time of the ICO.

The Tradelize platform is already being developed. Tradelize has released demos for Tradelize.terminal and Tradelize.web which can be found on their website.

According to the roadmap on the company website most, if not all, Tradelize features should be implemented by Q3-Q4 2018.

Token Details & Value Drivers

Token uses

TDZ is a utility token that represents an internal means of payment within the Tradelize ecosystem. It is the only way to pay trading fees, commissions on copy trading strategies and other products/services. These also sources of revenue for Tradelize.

TDZ tokens will give traders access to Tradelize.terminal and will give other users access to copy ProTraders’ strategies. All prices for services are payable in TDZ tokens even though they will be denominated in fiat currencies.

Token value drivers

TDZ token perceived value will likely be influenced by the following factors since it is the sole means of payment on the platform:

  • Supply: Total token supply will be capped and the supply will be determined after the public sale (confirmed by an admin on Tradelize’s public Telegram channel). This should create scarcity.
  • Demand: Since supply is capped, if Tradelize becomes popular and attracts a large user base, the token’s demand and perceived value could also increase.
  • Range of services purchasable by the token: If Tradelize increases the number of services that only TDZ tokens can pay for, the demand for tokens could also increase.
  • Quality of ProTraders: A key selling point for Tradelize is that newcomers can copy ProTraders’ successful trade strategies. If Tradelize can attract and retain a large group of successful ProTraders, the success of their strategies should attract new users, which could result in more copy trades and increased demand for the token.

Token sale and distribution details

Token name (symbol): Tradelize (TDZ)
Base chain: Ethereum
Token standard: ERC20
Token public sale price: USD 1.00 per token
Hard cap: USD 30,000,000
Minimum investment (public sale): USD 100

Token distribution:

  • 50% Token sale
  • 20% Tradelize team, token sale incentives, partners and advisors
  • 20% Strategic partnerships (crypto exchanges, proprietary trading companies, liquidity providers, private investment pools, payment system providers)
  • 10% Reserve fund (market making services for the TDZ token)

Use of funds raised from the token sale:

  • 80% Allocation to ProTraders to establish successful trading strategies that others can copy
  • 10% Marketing
  • 10% Business operations

Team, Advisors and Partners

The core team is made up of people with proven experience in investment and entrepreneurship:

  • Anton Zapolskyi (CEO & Founder): A trader with 10 years’ experience on The New York Stock Exchange and CME Group.
  • Igor Sabodakha, CFA (COO): A financial services expert, Igor is focused on providing investment decisions support. Igor is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.
  • Maxim Kulik (CTO): Entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience managing projects as a system architect and CTO in the IT industry. Maxim has participated in projects related to blockchain, big data, desktop, web and mobile technologies. He has also created cryptocurrencies and a miner pool from scratch for a project related to Green Power.
  • Vitalii Kucherenko, PhD (Business Development): Business Development professional with over 10 years’ experience in corporate finance and finance consulting across industries including FMCG (Nestle) and IT (Microsoft).
  • Diana Ilchuk (CMO): Marketing professional with over 10 years’ experience managing marketing campaigns in across industries
  • Oleksii Popovich (Back-End Lead)
  • Illia Pashkov (Creative Technologist)
  • Dmitriy Solyanik (Front-end team lead)


Tradelize’s advisors include:

  • Woo Duck Lee: Director of Three I Media Ltd. with extensive experience in business management and operations. He previously led Daehan Instrument Corporation and JH Holdings Corporation.
  • Hyoun Soo Lim: has 15 years’ experience in marketing and business administration. She is actively promoting the expansion of blockchain technology in South Korea.
  • Cristian Ciel: Founder of the cryptocurrency investment company NTI (NeoTerra Invest). He has 15 years’ experience as a stock and financial expert and has advised and invested in more than 30 cryptocurrency projects.
  • Dave Mata: Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of BlockBits Capital, and General Manager of BlockBits Ventures.

Finally, Tradelize has partnered with BlockBits Capital, an automated cryptocurrency fund. BlockBits Capital focuses on trading cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges using automation and machine learning. This partnership should be very valuable to Tradelize since a key aspect of its solution involves allowing users to trade across multiple exchanges.

For more information on the Tradelize team, operations, and TDZ token, please visit their official website.

Disclaimer: Investment in Initial Coin Offerings, cryptocurrencies, and digital tokens is highly risky and speculative. The material presented here is for information purposes only. This information presented here is not intended to provide any sort of investment advice, nor does it recommend any company, Initial Coin Offering, or digital token and should not be taken as the basis for any investment decision or strategy.

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